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Why is our help so important?


Fostering Agencies are not all the same.

They have different allowances, quality of training, access to respite care and carer support groups.

Not all agencies foster babies, some prefer to look after teenagers, some agencies expect you to be at home full time, others are happy if you have another job.

Do you choose a national agency or local one?

Independent Private Agencies provide a specialist service to local authorities who, because of demands placed on their resources, are unable to provide their own carers for all the children in their care.

We save you time and frustration by helping you to make the right choice of agency first time, and to go on to be a successful foster carer.

How we help you.

Using the information you give us, a social worker will check the list of agencies on our UK Agency Database who are likely to be the best match for you and your family

If you proceed to assessment, we will remain available for you to contact to answer questions about the assessment process and to provide impartial and qualified professional advice and support. So come join the family and foster children!

Our free help service.....

19 April 2014

Fostering children? Choosing the best Agency

We are a free Fostering Agency matching service managed by qualified social workers with over 30 years experience.

We aim to save you time, frustration and possible costly mistakes by helping you to find the Agency that best meets your situation and requirements.

We search our Fostering Agencies Database which contains national and local agencies who we recommend based on their quality of service and foster carers' support packages.

You will also find lots of information about foster care, and if you want to take the next step, we will help you to become a foster carer.

You can foster! There are eight thousand vacancies for new carers in the UK.

Fostering agencies with vacancies

New foster carers are needed to foster children and young people, aged between 0 and 18. People are required from all backgrounds and caring experiences.

There are different types of placements and depending on your interests, fostering children can include specialised placements such as sibling groups, children with special needs and also parent and child placements.

Generally you will need to have:

Making the right choice

There are both Local Authority and Private (Independent) Fostering Agencies and every Agency has vacancies for foster carers.  Before enquiring or applying to become a foster carer, make sure that you choose the right agency for you and your family by using our free fostering agency matching service. Contact us today.

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(i)Our vision, values and who we are

Children need carers

Children need foster families for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is not possible for children to remain with their families.

Foster parents offer children a lot more than a welcoming home, they offer security at a time when a child may feel at their most vulnerable. They support foster children in their education health and social well-being. There are ten thousand vacancies for new foster parents.


Making the best decision

We strongly suggest you take the Government's advice to 'contact more than one Agency if you are interested in a foster care career'.

Fostering children help.

We are not an Agency. Our qualified social workers find you the best agencies on our Database, saving you time and increasing your chance of making the right choice. We help you to care.

Foster care News - "Children in England will be able to stay in foster care until they are 21, the most important decision for years".

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